Our services

At Pikotera, UAB, we design electronics devices and software for their control.

Having the know-how of data gathering from sensors grids, remote long-range (more than 8 km) data transfer, radio frequencies (RF) modules development and software design, as well as having created various devices acting independently, we provide with whole technical design R&D services for devices aimed to collect/transfer data or act according to remote commands.

Sensors integration and management

Situation analysis and method identification

Sensors selection and performance analysis

Sensors integration into the devices

Wireless data transfer solutions

Standard type communication (Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE)

Low energy standard type communication (LoRa, Bluetooth low energy)

Custom type comminication

Networks design

Long range, low power networks design and integration

Multifunctional data gathering nodes design

Customized communication data transferring

User interfaces

User interfaces for electronic devices and networks management (Windows, Android)

Collected data storage and customized reports

Data visualization and animation


How we work

We are looking for long-term partnerships. While some companies are focusing on production or commercialization, we are willing to work closely and become their outsourced R&D department. Our clients come from various fields, often having an idea of a new device or improvement but not necessarily the technical knowledge. If needed, we provide with market-present solutions analysis and suggest the possibilities to implement an idea with currently available solutions.

In case the decision to design a new device or system is taken and functionalities list is prepared, the steps of product development provided by Pikotera are:

  1. Schematic files preparation;
  2. Printed circuit board (PCB) design;
  3. Firmware code design;
  4. Prototypes manufacturing, iterations;
  5. Prototypes testing;
  6. Software design (C#, Java, ROS for Windows, Linux or Android);
  7. Preparation for CE marking tests.

In case more services are needed, we collaborate with partners for mechanical design, production and other services. Our goal is to help bringing the product, from an idea all the way to the ready-for-market state.

Latest news

Our new webpage!

We are proud to present our new webpage which has been designed with an aim to present our services in simple and easy understandable way. We hope that this will save our customers time in searching information and contacting for needed solutions design.

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